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Member of the International Massage Association (IMAgroup)
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Carl Osborn, MBA, LMT, C.Ht., RMT, is a Healing Arts Practitioner utilizing Hypnotherapy, Integrative Therapeutic Massage, Energy Healing and Reiki. Carl has been a certified and licensed practitioner since 1996, and works with clients on an individual basis to help determine what might best meet their needs in improving health, well-being, and healing. Call us today at 602-370-0485 for more information.

"Carl is a wonderful massage therapist. He uses many healing modalities, including Jin Shin Jitsu, Reiki, Rock and Unlock, and sports massage, all integrated into one full session. He doesn't just give you a cookie cutter massage; he uses his intuition to really feel what your body needs. He used essential oils and performed stretches on the parts of my body that needed them. I felt like I was floating when I walked out of his office. It was extremely professional, calm, and peaceful.  Carl is definitely an "aware" massage therapist." â€”Kimberly
Massage Therapy - Visit us in Tempe, Arizona, for holistic healing, including massage therapy, hypnotherapy, and reiki therapy.

"I have been a massage therapist for more than 16 years. During that time, I have received many great massages, but none quite as blissful as Carl's. He creates a relaxing and professional environment and I love the way he blended a variety of very effective modalities. I arrived feeling pretty stressed and out of balance and left feeling quite the opposite! Your energy and presence and your skilled bodywork is a blessing Carl. Thank you so much!"  â€”Michelle

Visit us in Tempe, Arizona.  Holistic Healings offers
Massage therapy (therapeutic and relaxation), Hypnotherapy, and Reiki therapy.